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Monday, 28 May 2012

Engine trouble


  1. "Oh, that's a problem" Someone I knew when I was little used to say this a lot; it was useless but kind and reassuring. Maybe you could set up an excercise bike with a dynamo? xx

  2. Ooh this has happened to me. They take it away and "recondition" it :-) Depending on how long it's gone you end up conserving electric for using the water pump! Just discovered your blog via Paul at Living on a Narrowboat and love your style!

  3. Tom reappeared today with reconditioned motor. He spent a good half-hour puzzling over how to re-connect it (this involved sparks and smoke!). He's coming back tomorrow morning with a more senior electrics expert who will have to be dragged out of bed as he has tonsillitis!
    Watch this space.....